Dataviz : wins Le Groupe La Poste Challenge !

"Our victory proves that meets a real need," smiles Mathieu Chabeau, CEO of the intelligent bot, who managed to stand out from the other innovations of this 2017 edition.

Matthieu Chabeau, CEO d'AskR, holding the DatavIz Challenge price.

Matthieu Chabeau, CEO d'AskR, holding the DatavIz Challenge price. offers a unique opportunity: to discuss with your data. The artificial intelligence behind the chatbot interface makes it possible to answer questions asked in a natural way. It will then search for the requested information, cross-reference it with others and finally return it in the most appropriate form: a number, a graph, a table... Its speed, its simplicity and its ability to adapt to any type of data seduced the DataViz Challenge jury.

The DataViz challenge was launched by Le Groupe La Poste with the aim of exploring and leveraging the company's untapped data. By using this data, the group aims to meet the new challenges posed by a new environment that is extremely rich in data.

In partnership with BeMyApp France, the jury pre-selected 20 start-ups in all fields related to data. This jury was composed of managers from the various sectors of the group, managers who were confronted on a daily basis with the data that the start-ups were asked to process and enhance.

The preselected startups pitched their solution in front of the jury at the start of February 2017. Nine of them were selected to create a viable model of their solution based on the data made available by Le Groupe La Poste. The aim is to demonstrate their relevance to the company's challenges, from both a technological and strategic point of view.

Every team was given mentors to follow them for six weeks. was lucky to be mentored by Alexandra Gran, Data Strategy and Governance Director, and by Mourad Bouallak, Data Cluster Project Director. The challenge was to show how could be added to the data portal as an efficient search tool. worked for six weeks on the dataset it was given to be able to have a live demonstration on the 27th of March. In front of the jury, and an audience of one hundred executives from the Groupe La Poste.

After difficult deliberation, the jury finally chose as the most promising tool. A victory that we are proud to share today with you.