Dataviz : wins Le Groupe La Poste Challenge !

“ Our victory proves that answers to a real issue”, smiles Matthieu Chabeaud, CEO of the intelligent bot who prevailed over the other innovative teams.

Matthieu Chabeau, CEO d'AskR, holding the DatavIz Challenge price.

Matthieu Chabeau, CEO d'AskR, holding the DatavIz Challenge price. offers indeed the possibility to chat with data. The artificial intelligence that is behind the chatbot interface will look for the info, cross check it, and return it under the most intelligent format : numbers, graphs, tables… Its velocity, its simplicity and its adaptability to every kind of data seduced the jury of the DataViz Challenge.

Le Groupe La Poste DataViz Challenge was launched in order to highlight some untapped data. The group was willing to develop and enhance this amount of information to answer some of the main business issue they are facing.

In partnership with BeMyApp France, the jury preselected 20 start up on application. This jury was composed of executives from different sectors of the group, directly facing the data they were asking the start ups to treat and valorize.

The preselected startups pitched in front of the jury their solution at the start of 2017 February. Nine of them were selected to create a model from La Poste data to show how relevant they were to the issue of the groupe, technically and strategically speaking.

Every team was given mentors to follow them every week for six week. was lucky to be mentored by Alexandra Gran, Data Strategy and Governance Director and Mourad Bouallak, data Cluster Project Director. The challenge was to show how could be added to the data portal as an efficient search tool. worked for six weeks on the dataset it was given to be able to have a live demonstration on the 27th of March. In front of the jury, with a public of a hundred of executives from the Groupe La Poste, teams went live !

After difficult deliberation, the jury finally chose as the most promising tool. A victory that we are proud to share today with you.