Get your numbers (incredibly) faster

Which product had the best performance last month ? What is your margin evolution in the last 2 month ? Just write down your question or speak it to It will give you the answer in a sec, with the right chart or table.


Your indicators, in a natural conversation flow

As in any human conversation, you might want to precise, to change your mind or even refer to a previous answer. Believe it or not, AskR understands your intention and refines its answer accordingly. It's more natural and much more efficient to get the information you are looking for.

An Artificial Intelligence that understands your business words

Every organisation has its own words, idioms or acronyms. You can teach AskR to use these expressions. So it can know what you mean when you talk about "MKS" or "ALC". No need to repeat: once memorised, AskR knows that "MKS" stands for "Market Share" in your business and will be able to get the right number for you.

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