This isn't the data you are looking for ?

Users of Power BI, Qlick Sense or Tableau, we both know that fully mastering the force of these tools is not easy.

business intelligence solution

One of the worst moment of creating reports is when you have to look for a very precise information on your own. The dashboard is quite clear, the reports are ok, but this tiny little graph would make an awesome conclusion to the presentation you have to make tomorrow to your team. Or to your boss.

But you just cannot find the proper filter, or cross the data you just found in very different area.

If only you could explain to someone what you wish for… ! is an intelligent bot who you can talk to, inside of the software you are used to work with. His artificial intelligence understands your question and finds the best answer : a number, a graph, a table… Thanks to Natural Language Processing and machine learning, the more you talk with him, the more efficient he is.

For instance, you cannot find the amount of non-sold products in 2015. Just ask “ how many products was I left in 2015  ? “ or “ what is the amount of non sold products in 2015 ?". recognizes the meaning of your sentence and answers you. Add a few other questions : "in January ? “ “In San Francisco”.


Who would have thought it would be that easy to reach your data ?