Data storage security

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where is the data stored ?

  • enterprise cloud

We directly connect to your database, which means we follow your security protocols.

  • IP filtered access

  • Encrypted workflows

  • private cloud

We respect the highest hosting standards.

  • On-premise

No data copying needed for to work.


data access control

data assistant security authentification

data infrastructure access

Choose the best connection for you. Encryption is always provided for needed workflows.

  • API connexion

  • Company Web Service connexion through VPN

  • Direct cloud database connexion

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user access with exact authentification

  • Access Control through Single Sign-On

    We use your existing authentication schemes to manage data access on different levels, and enable single sign-on.

  • Context filters with Secure Access at Scale

    We make sure every users reaches his data perimeter only, thanks to efficient context filters.