trio fondateur

About us

Matthieu, Alex and Joël have been working together for years in the data field. They shared the same frustration: however precise and functional a dashboard might be, there always was an unanswered question left for business users to struggle with. And this question always changed !

That is why they created the first AI-powered data-assistant: to answer any question about data, anytime, anywhere.

We love…

To learn.

When we don’t know, we ask. We search. And most of the time we find what we need !

To keep it simple.

With our clients or within the team, simplicity is essential.

To eat.

A lot. We even have a food-dedicated slack channel. (And we celebrate every new client with a restaurant)

The story

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The team

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Interested in working with us ?

Do not hesitate to contact us, we cannot say no to talented people !