Fed up with getting stuck answerless in front of your dashboard ?

Tired with perpetual report reconfiguration to answer random questions ?

Looking for someone to help you find answers without delay ?

askR.ai finds the answer to your business question in average 2.18s.

answer delay data- assistant

No training. No configuration needed. Just ask.

discover askR.ai, the first ai-powered data assistant.

What does askR.ai help you with …?


connect data with non-technical users.

Don’t limit the number of users according to their skills.

Thanks to its natural language interface, askR.ai helps everyone getting answers about data.


STOP decision-making based on rough estimation.

askR.ai provides exact numbers or graphs within a few seconds, wherever you need it.


get instant answers.

askR.ai saves time:

  • for business users, who do not need to wait for answers anymore.

  • for data teams, who can focus on complex requests.

Everyone wins !


Features Overview

icone_IA_bleu copy.png

NLP powered data-assistant

Thanks to A.I., askR.ai understands your vocabulary and learns your business language.


Multi-channel, 24/7

Use your favourite enterprise channel: Slack, email, webapp, SMS, Microsoft Teams…


exportable visual results

User-friendly charts and .csv are right here, in the conversation flow, ready for download.