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CIO-France Online Conference : Joining forces on Data democratization

Cio Online - Etude "Comment exploiter au mieux les données au service du business ?"

Focus on Renault testimonial

Some feedback on Renault and start-up collaboration. >> original article (in french) Front commun sur la data : retour d’expérience de Renault


Top/down strategy request appropriate intermediaries

Since 2014, Renault clearly announced its digital transformation goal. A corporate vision that matches the “top/down strategy” definition of a company strategic orientation pushed from the top. The following years saw the creation of a new entity called “Renault Digital” to internally develop apps and softwares to answer business units needs. In this transformation process, data exploitation is key.

Jean Dumas is BtoB Customer Data Manager at Renault and started working on data issues in 2015. This is the reason behind his participation in CIO France conference “ Joining forces on data democratization”. His testimony is all the more precious that before being in charge of CRM project, he used to occupy the positions bound to become more “data autonomous”, positions which are now under his responsibility.

Choosing a manager from the field , in order to find new data tools and to make sure they are adopted, enabled a down-to-earth approach. It is about overcoming daily issues of Renault distributors that Jean Dumas also faced.


Accept feedback (or the absence of feedback)

Jean Dumas monitored the set up of a new data portal for his teams starting in 2015 : Fleetb@se is a dashboard helping operational teams to access key informations on their local market. This tool was a first answer to business users needs.

However, our head of project quickly became aware that this new tool was not used enough. He started looking for a solution that would make users more autonomous without entirely rebuilding an already working system. It just needed a simple instant access for various users with different profiles : business users tend to give up on a tool which is not fast enough.

Jean Dumas turned to on 2017 to add a data bot to the portal : users would ask their questions and receive an instant answer, without any need for digging in FleetB@se. The number of connexions were multiplied by 7 in a few months !

Thanks to its relevance, the intuitive solution sparked off a “ wow effect” . After all, every car distributor dreams was just to obtain an immediate and accurate answer to the question they had in mind when opening FleetB@se… Question that can now be asked to, 24/7. interface

Develop data exploitation with a double approach

This CIO-Online conference testimonial proved that it is complex to offer business users a solution that meets both their daily issues and the company strategic orientation. When talking about data and users, different needs combines with multiple approaches and numerous tools. Last but not least, every piece of data has a different value according to its accuracy and its timing.

Decision making comes from data, which makes an easy access to data for business users all the more fundamental. That is why IT and business teams have a common stake : IT as it is in charge of framing technical resources, and business teams, as they are the only ones able to decide on their true needs. Even in a transformation strategy coming from the top.