Partner's Leads Registration

As's partner, you are invited to register the lead's projects you have detected.

Each project you have detected, if that project has not already been registered by another partner, will be locked exclusively as your lead for 6 months*.  Neither nor one of its other partners will be able to deal directly with him.

* 6 months begin from the 1st contact date you declare. If do not receive an order for subscription before these 4 months, the lead will be unlocked.

Project Owner Name *
Project Owner Name
Direct line (general company line not allowed) or mobile phone
1st Contact Date *
1st Contact Date
Lead Qualification *
Lead Qualification
- Budget : Your lead as budgeted the project - Authority : Your contact is decision maker on the projet and is able commit alone on this budget - Need : Their need has a full compliance with what offers - Time frame : The projet can start in the next 3 months
Time frame
Please describe in a few word the area of the project, the target number of users, and any key information you have on this project.