BI and chatbot both aim at providing answers.

Business intelligence gathers all the IT solutions that optimize the use of data in the organisation. These tools provide an overview of refined (processed?) data and claim to be a helpful means for decision making.

The main objective of Business Intelligence is therefore to allow an easy access to data, generally through reports and dashboards. However, these ways of accessing enterprise data show some usual weaknesses:

  • Too synthetic KPIs

  • Complex creation of tailor-made reports

  • Too many available indicators

The possibility to integrate a business intelligence chatbot overcome those issues. With instant access and precise synchronized data, a BI chatbot offers an intuitive solution of data democratisation within the company.

A BI chatbot answers the questions users have. 

Users do not open a dashboard or a report if they do not have a good reason to do it : they open their dashboards because they need to answer a question. A Business Intelligence chatbot allows users to express their questions and obtain immediately the information they are looking for.
The point is not to replace the actual BI tools, but to complete them through a conversational approach to data. Users can have a real discussion about their data with the chatbot ! It is able to properly understand questions formulated in a real, live language and to translate it into database requests, before providing a unique and tailor-made answer to users.

A Business Intelligence chatbot is just like an assistant being able to answer any questions any time, and providing users the exact information they need to move forward.

Why should, the 1st BI chatbot, be integrated in your data strategy ? is the first dataviz chatbot, which truly understands your users’ questions and which provides an immediate answer from available data thanks to machine learning. 

This chatbot is easy to set up as it is embeddable in any webapp (intranet, BI software…) or enterprise messaging services. Data integration can be done from any kind of data (files from third party applications, cloud database…)

Conclusion ? Adding a chatbot such as to your BI tools offers a simple, intuitive and efficient way to access your data !