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Chat with your data ! - askR.ai is your data assistant.


Collecting data is easy, making it available to non technical users is not. What if you could simply ask your question to a bot and receive an immediate answer with the right number, chart or table?

Chat with your data! askR.ai is the first business intelligence chatbot that allows you to query your data in natural language, either orally or in writing.

How to set up askR.ai on Slack :


I am already a customer

(If you are not in charge of Slack for your company, please contact your administrator.)

If you are the administrator :

  1. Login to askR.ai back office.

  2. Open the API Key section.

  3. Choose the API Key you want to connect

    -> Click on the pencil icon -> Open Communication channels -> Click on “ Add to Slack “ button.

Screenshot 2019-04-23 at 10.10.33.jpeg

4. Follow the instructions given by Slack.

5. Check that a new App named askR.ai appeared in your Slack workspace.

Screenshot 2019-04-23 at 13.48.55.png

You and your team are now able to chat with askR.ai about your data :) Don’t forget to tell them when it’s done !

I am not a customer (very sadly)

If you are not a customer, you cannot connect it to a dataset.