How to set up on MicrosoftTeams :

I am not a customer (very sadly)

I am already a customer

If you are not the administrator of in your company, you have nothing to do.

>> Send these instructions to my administrator <<

If you are the administrator :

  1. Make sure you installed the bot on Teams. It should indicate “Please validate your API Key on AskR side.”

  2. Login to back office.

  3. Open your API key, or create it if it does not exist.

  4. Copy the API key

  5. Paste it as an answer to bot in Teams

  6. Come back to your back office, confirm and activate the key.

    Done !

    You and your team are now able to chat with about your data :) Don’t forget to tell them when it’s done !

>> Email my team to tell them it’s done <<